Manhattan Attractions

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Central Park

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The very first, and most famous, public park in the United States, Central Park is the most filmed public park in the world. The park offers dozens of activities and attractions including ice skating, boating, sunbathing, rollerblading, hiking, and biking.  Visit Sheep’s Meadow, Strawberry Fields, or the Central Park Zoo. 

Columbia University

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One of only eight Ivy League Schools in the country, Columbia University attracts the best and the brightest for undergraduate and graduate studies including four U.S Presidents. 

The American Museum of Natural History

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One of the leading museums of the world – this iconic institution is a champion in scientific and cultural education and exhibits. Make sure to visit the Museum’s Planetarium for a mind-blowing experience of life in our galaxy.

Riverside Park

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Riverside Park is the dazzling Riverfront that stretches along the Hudson River. Offering scenic spots and dozens of activities including tennis courts, basketball courts, a baseball field, skate parks, eateries, and kayak and canoeing sites, this park is a must see for all tourists. 

Royal Park Hotel and Hostel

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258 west 97th Street, New York, NY 10025